Seven people have attempted suicide in my front yard in the past year. I live under a tall bridge, known for its high winds, sweeping vistas, and ease of use for those seeking to end their lives. 

Every few weeks, While I’m home hanging out having a normal day, another human passes within feet of me on their way to end their lives.  Then I find out when it’s too late.  

Can you imagine?

Well you don’t have to because every single day you interact with people who feel the same way they did. 

Here’s an idea. 

The next time somebody annoys you or you’re feeling judgmental or they haven’t behaved in the way that you like people to behave- stop. 

Ask them how they’re doing. 

Then shut your mouth and listen to them with actual curiously about their answer. 

Believe it or not, that can make a huge difference. 

Because so many people are going through every human interaction with their heads down. Just hoping to survive it. A lot of times people in that state don’t act right. Help them. Be nice.

Bridges are for cars and hearts are for caring. Please use them for their intended purposes.