One on One Sessions

My intention in these sessions is the same as with all that I teach. That is to support and guide you as you build an independent personal practice. Working one on one provides opportunity to accelerate and highly personalize that path.

We begin by talking about you so I can know how best to help you. If I know what about yoga interests and motivates you, we can work together to determine desired outcomes.

What happens in you sessions depends on your needs and may range from guided asana practices to open-ended Q and A- and anything in between.

The Los Angeles Years

In the early 2000’s you couldn’t turn around in Los Angeles without bumping into a yoga teacher who taught famous people privately. I was one of them. I taught them in their homes, on vacation, on location, and wherever else they needed me.

As a much older man now, living a life that is as far from Hollywood as one can get, it tickles me to remember that I spent a few years teaching very public figures how to shut down and go inside.

Here are some of the ones I worked with the most, and the years that I worked with each.

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